Dan with Zelda – post training for leash reactivity.

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Dan came to me hoping to get a handle on Zelda’s gnarly leash reactivity toward other dogs. When we began doing some private training together, Dan had already done good work with her in terms of obedience. Unfortunately, she completely lost it when she would spot another dog on a walk – barking, lunging, shrieking, the works… He was at a loss for what to do to help her. Dan said the final straw was the time she got so frustrated when she saw another dog that she began lashing out at him and grabbed his jeans, tearing a huge hole in them. That was the day he bought a muzzle for her. Fast forward to this video I recently took at a local dog-friendly art festival. I’m very proud of these guys!

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  • Date August 14, 2015
  • Tags Videos
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