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We’ve all encountered dogs with “issues” and heard people remark that it’s the owner—not the dog—that is the source of the problem. And while that’s certainly not always the case, the sad reality is that it usually is. Training and raising a dog is a prodigious responsibility and we must recognize when we are creating or enabling problem behaviors. More importantly, we must learn how to make necessary adjustments. Transformational Dog Training helps you identify personal problem areas that negatively impact your dog and pollute your relationship, and provides you with sound techniques and self-development strategies to address them effectively. It is an empowering personal development book specifically designed for dog owners. You and your dog will either bring out the best or the worst in each other: the choice is yours. My new book will help ensure it’s all for the better.

Transformational Dog Training is the book I wish I had when I first began working with dogs. Inside, I lay out key training principles in an enjoyable, accessible format that will save you time, money, and help you maximize the effectiveness of your training. From understanding how your dog thinks and processes information, to training new behaviors and overcoming bad ones, Transformational Dog Training is an invaluable guide. It provides you with the know-how and necessary tools to create a well-behaved dog. It also shows you how to build a positive and enduring relationship and explains in detail the critical role that your personal habits, presence, communication skills, and way of living profoundly affects your dog’s behavior and quality of life. When you start to see training as a partnership and embark on a journey of personal change with your dog, transformational results are not only possible… they are inevitable. So order your copy today!

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