Meet the Newfies: Raven and Magpie

“Raven and Magpie have really benefited from their training at Altitude–they pay much better attention while walking, and they seem to enjoy working with us during their daily practice sessions. But best of all, when we went on a recent camping trip to Bozeman, Montana, they were so dependable! They could be sent to their “places”–and they would stay for long periods of time while we could manage other tasks. They were polite when strangers visited our campsite–as you can bet many people do when they see two beautiful Newfoundlands in a campground! They would sit and stay while people (as many as four or more at a time) would maul them. They also walked nicely on leash in downtown Bozeman, sat quietly at outdoor cafes–in general behaved without reproach. They certainly earned their visit to a leash-free doggie park with a beach!”

Dean & Penny

Logan, Utah