Burton’s Story

“We first met Brian a year ago after being highly recommended by a friend. We were looking for a doggy daycare and training facility that would meet the needs of our dog, Burton. Immediately, we recognized how thorough and accurate Brian’s observations of Burton were. Burton is a very driven dog. He is eager to learn and please. He is very excitable and has a lot of personality but sometimes that drive and personality is a bit overwhelming.

Previously, we worked with Burton on some basic commands and some behavioral issues but he still needed some additional training. His on-leash walks were anything but enjoyable. Burton would target other animals and would constantly be pulling. He also would get into a drive mode and not respond to any commands making it hard to control him. We contacted Brian and set up a few training sessions where we worked in our neighborhood on walking Burton. Brian suggested during these sessions that Burton would be better off-leash, or on-leash in a formal “heel”, and that we should consider using an e-collar to accomplish this. We soon switched to using an e-collar and after our first few sessions, we saw a tremendous change in Burton’s behavior and decided to board and train him for two weeks so that Brian could work one-on-one with him on obedience and off-leash training. During his time with Brian, we were always updated on Burton’s accomplishments and his progress. At the conclusion of his board and train, Brian began working with us to ensure we had the tools and skills to reinforce the training with Burton at home. Brian continues to support us as questions or concerns arise regarding Burton’s training.

Brian has been such an asset to us and we value his dedication and passion to training dogs. We found great value in how Brian took the time to build a relationship with Burton and tailored his training to Burton’s unique needs and personality. We are so grateful to have worked with him and would highly recommend Brian to other dog owners.”

– Tricia Hawkins & Matt Pezdek