Asha’s Story

“We picked up Asha from a gas station on an Indian Reservation in northern Arizona. From the looks of her, she was a wild dog… begging for food and very sick. After months of physically healing, the struggles we would have with her came to the forefront. Understandably, her prey drive was extremely high, and her insecurity (which we saw as aggression) with other dogs made it impossible to be around other dogs safely, including walks. There were a few instances that she broke free and charged other dogs, which was very scary. We had a couple trainers before finding Brian that struggled as much as we did with helping Asha. One trainer told us that Asha would most likely never safely be around other dogs. After a year and a half of little to no progress, we found Brian and Altitude Dog Training. It saved us. After the first session with Brian we were finally able to walk Asha. Brian also committed to helping Asha enjoy playgroup at his daycare facility Uptown Dog, and we’re so happy to say that she loves daycare and playing with other dogs! At home we learned how to feel in control and became equipped with some tools to calmly deal with difficult situations (shocker!). Asha began to slowly trust us and look to us for direction around triggering situations (other dogs, in particular). We can now walk her at the park and are continuing to build her trust and trust ourselves more. We will forever be grateful for Brian’s support…and Asha is so much happier. And, as an added bonus, Brian is a very fun and nonjudgmental trainer, which is so rare. He genuinely cares about the dogs and people he trains. We love him!”

– Jen and Cindy

Asha and Naya

Asha and Naya resting and playing together